> What type of equipment do you have?

Industrial Wood Fabrication

Our woodshop features forklift-assisted material management, a high-capacity belt feed resaw-bandsaw and a stationary tablesaw with 58” rip capacity. We also utilize an industrial bandsaw, a panelsaw, drill presses, sliding miter and chopsaws, sanding equipment, pneumatic framing nailers, crown staplers and finish nailers. We employ a full complement of hand, cordless and power woodworking tools and staff to fabricate your projects.

Custom Job Shop
Our custom job shop has fork lifts, pallet jacks, pneumatic capability, a variety of jigs for custom jobs, capability to manufacture jigs for custom work and a variety of hand tools.

> How do you price your services?

Our pricing is competitive with others in the industry. Custom quotes are provided for every job.

> Can you arrange shipping for me?

We have favorable shipping rates with several trucking companies and are happy to work with them on your behalf for shipping needs.

> What kind of quality assurance do you offer?

Customer satisfaction is our key strength. If requested, we provide samples prior to production, We conduct quality checks throughout the production process. Since our supervisors and apprentices are onsite, quality checks are occurring on a regular basis. Daily or weekly progress reports are available upon request.

> What are some examples of the type of work you do?

We pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible, adaptable and scalable. Our core strengths are in industrial sewing; industrial wood fabrication and contract job shop. See Work Examples

> How do I know my goods are secure?

EMERGE’s facilities are secured, alarmed and fully insured. The work area is under direct supervision by a project manager at all times during the work day and the building is secured during off hours. Supervisors remain on premise until all workers have left the facility. Access to the building is limited to executives and management staff.